Tired of replacing that leaky, worn out shingle roof? Try My Metal for the quality, durability and the look you want!

My Metal steel roofing is not only an attractive addition to your home, but a smart choice as well. Currently we manufacture 2 types of paneling; PB-R and PB-U. We manufacture all the paneling and trim you need for your roof right here in Clovis, NM. Many of My Metal’s coil coatings meet Energy Star ratings which can lower your energy costs! All of our panels are also certified Class 4 impact resistant by Underwriter’s Laboratories, which in turn, may result in savings on your homeowners insurance up to 35%! 

If you would like an estimate, bring us a drawing with measurements and we can figure the package for you. If you need a contractor to do the work, let us know! We work with all the top roofers in the area and can get you set up to fix it and forget it. 


The PB-R Panel is an exposed fastener panel that is typically used for steel buildings and fencing applications, however, it can be used for residential roofing applications. 


The PB-U Panel is an exposed fastener panel that is typically used for residential roofing applications due to the low profile ribs.

Measuring a Metal Roof

This is for the DIY'er. Click below to learn how to measure your home for a metal roof!

Screw Patterns

Are you getting ready to install 

your new metal roof? 

Click here for a screw pattern layout.

Tacky Tape Placement

Click here to see where to place your tacky tape on either a U-Panel  or R-Panel roof.